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Stephanie Paver RD, LLC

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Available Virtually!

My business is based in Arizona and California. I work with patients in select states in the U.S. by phone.

If you have any questions, please send me a message. I look forward to connecting with you. I will respond to your inquiry within 24-48 business hours.

Phone | 602-491-7471

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Do you take insurance?

The short answer is unfortunately, no.

The reasons: Women with female hormonal disorders receive little compassion, even less education, and minimal support from their healthcare providers. I offer a premium program that provides weekly sessions and guidance between visits so you feel secure and confident in the process. The insurance model dictates how many covered visits you get and puts constraints on the length of our visits. I have chosen not to contract with insurance so that together we can decide the level of support that you need, and so I can provide you the highest chance of success.

Single Sessions

Do you offer single sessions?

I do not offer single sessions for new patients.

The reasons: To repair your body takes time, and forging new habits takes repetition, accountability and trial and error. To provide you with the greatest chance of success, I will work closely with you over specified time frames of one or three months as an initial commitment. After the initial commitment, I provide varying levels of continued support, and this could include single sessions.

Treating Men

Do you treat men?

Yes. I treat male patients with metabolic and hormonal dysregulation who need a high level of support. This ranges from insulin resistance and diabetes to low testosterone and cardiovascular risk factors.


Where are you located?

My office is virtual, and I conduct all of our session via phone or video.


What is integrative and functional nutrition?

Integrative and Functional Nutrition (IFN) is an evidence-based, progressive approach to nutritional care that focuses on identifying the root cause of disease. In this approach, the clinician takes a comprehensive look at the whole person to discover core imbalances. We do this through in-depth exploration of one’s personal story and evaluation of current presentation (illness/symptoms), genetics and lab values. The practice of IFN is a fusion of nutritional science, traditional wisdom, and critical thinking that effectively solves the root cause of one’s suffering. A personalized treatment plan can consist of food-based protocols, targeted supplements, therapeutic diets, and mind-body practices.

More questions? Please send me a message!

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