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Stephanie Paver RD, LLC

Meet Stephanie Paver

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Stephanie Paver RD

I am an integrative and functional registered dietitian nutritionist, and I will help you discover the truth; food is medicine.


What makes me unique is that I've struggled with chronic symptoms that doctors dismissed...even as a dietitian who was "eating right." For example, heart palpitations, bruising, fatigue, missed periods, and joint pain were considered “normal” by my doctors because I was otherwise young, active and “healthy.” Once the bloating, constipation, and acne arrived on the scene, I decided to embrace a functional medicine approach to figure it out.

As a health care provider and as a former patient, I have a full appreciation of your challenges. I empathize and build a trusting relationship with you from the beginning which is essential to our partnership. As your healthcare provider, I empower you to better advocate for yourself in traditional medical settings.

With clinical roots and a deep respect for time-honored food traditions, I am a forward thinker and progressive health care provider. I have extensive training in medical nutritional therapy, chronic disease management, integrative and functional nutrition, oncology nutrition, and nutritional genomics. I specialize in hormone imbalance, PCOS, and autoimmune disease.

As an integrative and functional registered dietitian nutritionist, I respect the relationship between all body systems. I target biochemical pathways and look through a genomic lens for an enhanced personalized approach.

If you believe that nutrition reform is the solution to your pain, I would be honored to take part on your journey to health. I will provide you with expert recommendations, gentle guidance, steadfast support, and a customized road map to help pave your way to transformation.

Stephanie asks really good questions and is very knowledgeable and analytical. She does a lot of research and is able to get to the root cause and work with me on a plan to resolve my problems. If you are serious about making changes in your diet and health, Stephanie can support and guide you in doing that.
— Shelby S.
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Core Values


I value acceptance with non-judgment. Allowing vulnerability and honoring where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go with your health is my priority in our partnership.


There is no ego in listening. I promise to embody honest curiosity and attentiveness so that you always feel heard, valued and validated.


Education encourages you to honor yourself and understand what you need and why. When you learn to honor yourself and better understand your needs, you can design your life accordingly. I believe as women, education empowers you to be your own best advocate.


I take care of myself so that I can show up fully to serve you. I come thoroughly prepared to every one of our sessions so that you are assured that I know all the details of your case. I might not have every answer for you right away, but I work incredibly hard on every case; by constantly reviewing the latest research and diving deeply into topics I am unfamiliar with, I will help you find solutions.


I live by the principles of good nutrition and self-care. This helps me to lead by example. I provide structure and guidance throughout your health journey, and more importantly, I know when to take the lead and when to encourage you to trust yourself to make informed decisions.


Self doubt and shame create defeat, whereas certainty and self-validation generate empowerment. I want you to listen to your inner voice and learn to trust your intuition. Together we will build your confidence in healthy decision-making.

Dietetic Internship

Stephanie Paver working with an intern

Education is a core value of mine. I am a devoted student and teacher. I have been a preceptor since the beginning of my career as a dietitian. A preceptor is a mentor and teacher for dietitians-in-training (called dietetic interns). Dietetic interns are required to have 1200 hours of supervised practice / experiential learning. In this process, dietetic interns are given assignments and projects that meet specific competencies required for them to pass the internship and sit for the exam to become Registered Dietitians. Preceptors freely give their time to contribute to the professional development of dietetic interns.

I have affiliation agreements with ASU and Maricopa County Dietetic Internship Programs in Phoenix, Arizona. My rotation is specific to Private Practice and Functional Nutrition. During their time with me, interns learn the foundations of running a small business. Also, they learn to utilize a “food is medicine” approach and to incorporate environmental and lifestyle factors to help patients overcome chronic symptoms. Other areas of focus include understanding the impact of lifestyle factors on hormonal health and interpreting genomics data to apply nutrition interventions for an enhanced personalized approach.


When I started my private practice, I was approached by an intern in the MCDI who heard I was practicing functional nutrition. She asked to do a rotation with me, and I have been a preceptor for MCDI ever since. I host 3-5 interns per year for their Entrepreneurship/Private Practice rotation.


As a graduate of ASU, I have a relationship with the nutrition department faculty, students, and alumni. Many of the dietetic interns express interest in integrative and functional nutrition. Since this emerging field is not built into the internship as a required rotation, I am often approached by interns to host them during their Enrichment Rotation. I may host 1-3 ASU dietetic interns per year.

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