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Stephanie Paver RD, LLC

 Success Stories

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I was doing everything “by the book” but seeing no results. Working with Stephanie and a NMD, I found out I had a parasite. This was terrifying news but also a relief to know my efforts weren’t in vain. Stephanie was there for me during some of my darkest times; she guided me and provided her knowledge and support.
— Lily H.
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I met Stephanie and knew right away that she was the right fit for me to nurture myself so I could nurture my daughters. She was so knowledgeable and had such a caring aura I knew I had to keep her! ...She has lead me through so much to find triumph and I’m going to keep going! I would (and have) recommend Stephanie to anyone! In a heartbeat!
— Cassidy S.
Stephanie Paver healthy heart

Patient Story:

After years of being treated for psoriasis (in my teens) with topical steroids, oral medications, tar treatments, PUVA, biologics, blue light PDT, cancer medications and surgeries, I decided to do DNA testing through 23andMe.

My good friend, Kelli, suggested going to a genetic nutritionist to discuss the results of this DNA report. She gave Stephanie Paver’s contact info to me.

Stephanie’s comprehensive survey (to capture all of my health issues, eating habits, bodily functions) and baseline micro-nutrient test brought to light some foods that she identified as possibly problematic for my psoriasis and skin cancers.

When we first met for a consultation, my wife and I were immediately sure Stephanie’s program was worth a try. The subject of “gut health” was never brought up by the doctors and clinics I had been to in the past. Her attention to my specific nutritional needs to improve my long time psoriasis situation was extremely helpful.

We made plans to eliminate the foods she recommended, to add the foods she suggested and to begin the supplements targeted to my specific needs.

My worry was that it would be hard to give up certain foods and drink, such as tomatoes, peppers, pasta, bread, cream and wine. After fully implementing these restrictions and adding in more eggs and dark green vegetables, I discovered that there are plenty of good foods, and I was always satisfied. Since completing her 12 week program, I have slowly added some foods back into to my diet.

After about 60 days on the program, my skin showed improvement. By the end of the 12 weeks, my skin had significantly improved. Since starting this program my doctors and nurses have commented that my skin looks better than it ever has. Another bonus is that I lost around 10 pounds and got down to my ideal weight.

Stephanie’s program was really good for me and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their eating habits, skin issues, weight loss, etc.

~Joe D